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Maps of Indonesia’s Fintech Development: The Present and Future

Danur Osda Legalitas Usaha,2018/11/07

Interested in plunging into Indonesia’s fintech industry? Understand the fintech development map first.


Indonesia has yet to see its fintech industry develop fully, but the potentials are there. If you are a foreign investor interested in tapping this market, make sure to understand the country’s fintech potential map. The country has unique characteristics and growth patterns that stem from various factors, such as populations, demography, internet connections, phone ownerships, and financial landscape.


Current Fintech Landscape of Indonesia

Indonesia has seen a fast growth of internet penetration, ecommerce trend, and fintech industry growth. Since 2015, the country has seen a 78 percent growth of local fintech startups, and the numbers include unicorn startups such as Tokopedia and Go-Jek. This fact was boosted by large mobile phone ownerships; in 2017, around 195 million Indonesians have mobile phones (for illustration, Indonesia’s current population is around 270 million).


While the previously-mentioned startups are market platforms that provide their own payment systems (TokoCash and Go-Pay), there are also payment specialist companies such as Doku, HaloMoney, and Kartuku. There are several fintech aspects that are growing in Indonesia, such as:


·         Crowdfunding

Local crowdfunding websites are more popular in Indonesia than foreign services such as Kickstarter or Patreon. Crowdfunding website such as KitaBisa, for example, offers more flexible methods to donate. The website also lists various causes where people can donate to, complete with social media connections and validity-checking system.


·         Payment and money transfer

This is the most popular fintech field to be adapted by Indonesians. Out of various fintech fields, payment and transfer cover 50 percent of penetration level compared to the others. The “players” are not just market platforms or stores, but also institutions such as banks.


·         POS

Point of Sale (POS) is another fintech field that is growing in popularity with the new digital trend. The rising numbers of businesses that accommodate cashless transactions have increased the needs for more sophisticated POS technology.


·         Investments and savings

Another popular fintech application, investments and savings are among the quickest to be adapted by the population. This is mostly because people tend to trust the banks. Online savings and investments have become common options in Indonesia, and banks are partnering with telecoms to support the operations.


·         Financial planning

The rise of populations with productive age creates needs for better financial planning among young professionals. Cashless, online financial planning services are popular among professionals and business owners in big cities, but smaller towns have started to catch up.


·         Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is still seen as a “novelty” by the majority of Indonesians, although many have started dabbling in it. They are using cryptocurrency as a way to do transactions, and many institutions and businesses are starting to accommodate them.


Fintech field is now growing among small and medium-level businesses, not just the major market leaders. This fintech map can be the first consideration for foreign investors to find business ideas in Indonesia.


The Future of Indonesia’s Fintech

In 2016, fintech officially surpassed ecommerce as a major digital field in South East Asia, and Indonesia sees great investment potentials in 2018 and further. The trend is also supported by new regulations from financial institutions to secure transactions. Looking at these trends, it is no wonder that investors and observers see financial technology trend in Indonesia with a positive light. 

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    Maps of Indonesia’s Fintech Development: The Present and Future