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Danur Osda

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The Steps to Renew the Old Business

Danur Osda ,2019/01/10

Our world is developed and your business needs to change. How to go from old business to the new one? Be creative and follow these steps to make a change.


Time flies and human life quality is escalating. Every time we open our eyes, we will see how rapid technology grows, and there is no space left for those who hesitate to move. Moreover, if you do business or intend to do it so. You would better come up with groundbreaking g ideas so that people will notice what you do and what you offer.


Ironically, there are no more original ideas nowadays. Even the unique concept is derived from many things old. Hence, when you want to do the new business, do it in the old way, but with the different approach.


So, how to get out of the old approach and make something new in the business? Here are the tips:



1.Going digital

Having a store in the mall may increase your prestige, but if you are not a big company and you have just started your business, why do you mind opening a big store? Count how much you must pay a month for the rent and to hire some store employees.


According to APJII (Asosiasi Pengguna Jasa Internet Indonesia), the internet users of Indonesia in 2017 reached about 143.26 users. The e-commerce platform also grows more significant as well as the fintech industry.


2. Using meaningful promotion

The millennials tend to appreciate not only the function of a product but also its meaning. They love products with packaging and promotion that relate with what is inside their mind and who they are. That is why many beauty and grooming products use ‘Insta’ or ‘Instagram- word inside their product or their tagline. Instagram has been a popular social media for the millennial generation so that the term is very related to them.



3. Making something old catchy

Being new in business doesn't always mean something new. You can sell something that has existed since the beginning of the world, but with different packaging.


For example, you want to sell food for lunch Instead of selling regular foods, why don't you sell the food for diet? This idea will attract many people because having an ideal weight while can still eat delicious food is many people’s dream.


Relefance: Synchronization of OSS and SABH

4. Maximizing the social media

You can never expand your business without knowing how to operate social media and how to build people’s engagement through social media. Promote and sell your product through media social is a very effective way nowadays. 

Hence, learn how to get many followers in your social media, how and when to post the product on Instagram so that many people will notice on what you sell.


5.The power of content

Content is an essential element for any product. Content includes the picture, blog post, as well as social media captions. So, if you want to renew your business, make sure you have prepared the website, the Instagram account, and even YouTube if needed.


You can post the tips that relate to your business. For example, if you sell shoes, you can post fashion tips.


6. Registering The Business

The registration of business permission in Indonesia right now is getting more comfortable because you can register it through OSS system which has also been integrated with SABH (legal administration system) of the Ministry of Law. Register your business so it will be much easier to do many business activities in Indonesia and to protect your product brand.

The key to being a successful businessperson in the modern world is not to be a perfect man. All you must have is the ideal plan and intention to understand the change.

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    The Steps to Renew the Old Business